Lisbeth & the Healing Light

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Please come in and explore.  Open to a healthier and more magical, creatively alive and purposeful life!
Discover and awaken to more of your gifts in the world.  Experience healing and expansion at the soul level by bringing love and light to those places and aspects of life that are needing some attention, in order to experience more freedom, aliveness and peace in your being.  Healing the soul gets to the root cause of all dis-ease and affects all dimensions of being...physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Facilitating healthier, more meaningful lives and respectful, loving expansion in our world  -  this is my joy and my purpose.  If any of this resonates with you, I’d enjoy hearing from you!

Lisbeth  -  Yellow Springs, Ohio

Bridge in Hocking Hills

The Healing Light

“Ring the bells that still can ring.  Forget your perfect offering.  There is a crack…a everything.  That’s how the Light gets in.”
  ~ Leonard Cohen, Anthem

In human terms, this crack or opening Cohen sings about determines our entire orientation towards life; the gifts we are able to give and how brightly we are able to shine.  If our being has been compromised in some way through past conditioning, trauma or dis-ease, we tend to be more guarded and less open.   Our being may be clenched or shattered, while our wounds are covered over with a lifetime of largely unconscious mental/emotional compensating patterns.   What we are aware of, perhaps, is that our life (relationships, career, physical ailments, etc.) isn't working as well as we'd like it to.   Reclaiming our life, our health and our unique, creative presence is possible to the extent we are able to heal, re-pattern and open to a full expression of Light in the world.

When we are able to lovingly peel back and release the compromising layers while bringing a Healing Light into our being, we energize, awaken and liberate dormant aspects of ourselves.  Our lives change.  Dis-ease in the body is healed.  The beauty of our soul is revealed.  We become lighter, more alive, creative, effective, purposeful and loving.  This is the essence of Lisbeth’s gift, an energizing, healing and awakening presence for the body, mind and soul.