Violet Petunias

Lisbeth is an integrative healer for the body, mind and soul.  Through years of intense, daily discipline, she has developed a powerful connection to the Healing Light, which is channeled into each person or animal during their session.  Infused and bathed by this loving transformational healing force field, the being becomes ripe for profound change (healing and awakening) while Lisbeth intuitively draws upon the various healing skills and modalities at her disposal.  Messages from the Divine for the being’s highest healing are shared if desired.  Over time, the being learns how to better access and expand their own love and light from within, which reestablishes and strengthens a healthy body, mind soul connection leading to profound changes in health and well-being.

Lisbeth received her Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in California.  She is a Certified Rolfer® (structural integration), a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist® and a Reiki Master Teacher.   Lisbeth also received Animal Reiki Teacher Training from Kathleen Prasad, co-author of Animal Reiki, and became an Angel Therapy Practitioner® specializing in healing with the Angels.   While in Hawaii she met a Kahuna Healer and learned Hawaiian methods for healing body, mind, soul and spirit by working with energetic blocks, cords, and belief systems that interfere with overall health and well-being.  Other methods learned from this Kahuna Healer include return of lost soul parts, healing past lives, healing the inner child and releasing lower energies and dis-ease.

"When our soul hurts, our pain is transmitted into the body as the spiritual quality of the Life Force that we feed into each cell."
     ~ Greg Braden, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief


What is Rolfing ?
Rolfing is a form of structural integration, working with the connective tissue to realign the body over a series of ten sessions.  By creating better balance and alignment, chronic pain can often dissipate which results in a greater sense of well-being.  The person learns to gradually be in their bodies in a more harmonious way.  Once the series is completed, ongoing work on a monthly basis can also be helpful, if desired.


What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?
This involves a gentle but powerful unwinding of the nervous system and subtle traumas in the body, which cause imbalance and dis-ease.  As the body gradually releases, shifts and balances, the nervous system can rest and renew.