A Christmas Story

     On the Wednesday before Christmas 2010, as I stepped from our front stoop to reach the mailbox my feet shot out from under me and I whammed onto the icy sidewalk on my back.  I had the sudden ominous sense of something going “zing.”  Back in the house I soon realized something was really wrong: walking was now a problem, I could no longer stand, couldn't kneel, couldn't even sit.  I phoned Lisbeth and left an urgent message asking for her help.
      When she called back I explained noisily what had happened.  She was at our door in 15 minutes, and began to work—first to “unwind” the accident, then to unwind the pain, the fear, and the bruising.  My anxious husband stood by as my agonized hollering subsided into calmness.  Two hours later Lisbeth had finished.  She cautioned me not to put weight on anything, and offered to return the next day.  I gratefully accepted, and spent a cautious night.
      When Lisbeth arrived on Thursday she said she had sensed there was a crack in the bone--perhaps only hairline, but nevertheless a crack; that went along with what I'd thought I perceived when I fell.  She set right to work, bringing in, as she said, “the Healing Light” to heal the bone.  At the end of a steady hour I felt a sense of peace, and that was when she said the work was finished.
      Understandably she didn't want to take responsibility for something so serious as we both knew this was.  She told me I needed to be very careful not to put weight on anything, and asked me to get an x-ray, which I did on Friday.  The doctor's visual exam showed no bruising, and the x-ray showed no broken bone and no dislocation; the exercises he put me through confirmed what the x-ray showed.
      When I awoke Saturday morning the music I heard in my head was from Handel's Messiah:  “And the Glory of the Lord Hath Risen Upon You.”  I believe a miracle had occurred, and Lisbeth was the midwife who birthed it.   It was Christmas morning for both of us.  Thank you, Lisbeth!
     ~ B. Logan Yellow Springs, Ohio

P.S.  I have had no aftermath from this incident—no pain, no bruising, no discomfort.  I was out riding my bike and walking that same weekend.  My husband, a skeptical scientist, says, “To me, it's just a miracle that took place.”



     Working with Lisbeth is an adventure into the forgotten land of the self.  Because she knows the territory, she is a competent guide on this vital inward journey.  A true hearer of Spirit, she draws upon her extensive professional training as well as the profound lessons of her moment-to-moment experience in her healing work.  Delving deep into the hidden layers of pain with Lisbeth's guidance gives me courage to release the inner barriers which have kept me from peace.  She is surely a bright and shining star on my path who inspires and encourages me through the example of her own journey to wholeness.
     ~ J. Joy — Yellow Springs, Ohio


     Lisbeth Johnson has helped me to live my life with a minimum of aches and pains and illnesses.  This is no small fear, since I'm 80 years old and am a product of a lifetime of various health challenges, some still in the process of being resolved.  Lisbeth's approach is not simply to cure my ills (although that does on occasion happen), but to work with me in a joint effort, helping me to connect with spiritual healing sources of which I had previously been only vaguely aware.  Working with Lisbeth continually opens up new and exciting ways of growing, and understanding our place in this earthly journey.
      ~ P. Champney Yellow Springs, Ohio



Pink Petunias

     My experience with Lisbeth has been nothing short of amazing.  I was referred by my Massage Therapist for chronic hip/knee pain no other therapies could relieve.  Within a few sessions, both my body and my being had been transformed emotionally and physically.  I was more balanced, literally more 'sure-footed', and was moving through my life with expanded ease.  Each session built on the previous one.  Everyone seemed to notice the difference in me.  Lisbeth facilitates, supports and guides the release of blocked energy and the restructuring of both the inner and outer bodies.  Words to describe my experience include 'transformative,' 'empowering,' and just plain 'wow!'  I am so grateful to have this wonderful woman in my life.
     ~ A. Achor, Visual Artist — Yellow Springs, Ohio
     My therapeutic work with Lisbeth has been deep soul balancing experiences.  I walk into a session feeling stuck or scattered.  I walk out feeling grounded with a clear heart and a calm mind,  my energy flowing unimpeded by blocks.  Lisbeth draws from her eclectic knowledge base to facilitate my healing process.  She has healthy boundaries and creates a loving, safe space for the work to be done.  I am inspired by her constant self examination and search for her own opportunities to heal, and her thirst for knowledge and deepening awareness.
      ~ A. Eulberg-Taylor, Reiki Master Teacher and R.N. — Bexley, Ohio
     To me Lisbeth is a healer, educator, and growth facilitator.  Her extensive training in various modalities enables her to seamlessly move from restructuring the physical body to helping her clients contact and change their own emotional body.  Lisbeth's ability to help explore the body-mind connection is a gift that is profoundly transformational, increasing sensitivity and awareness in many levels.  I recommend Lisbeth to all those on the quest for self-awareness and improved well-being.
     ~ C. Fauber, LMT  -  Columbus, Ohio
     Lisbeth has realigned and reeducated my body.  From working with her, I've developed more skillful ways of dealing with my body/mind.  She has enabled me to access and release unconscious holding from the past.  This leads to deep healing on all levels.  With so many modalities, and her own highly attuned perception, Lisbeth's work wonderfully addresses both acute and chronic situations.
     ~ M. Marcom, Former Director/Owner at Yoga on High and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher — Columbus, Ohio
     Since working with Lisbeth I feel calm and more stable.  I feel able to make myself grounded when I have to.  I feel light, happy and energized afterwards plus I sleep better.
      ~ M. Taylor, 7th grader — Bexley, Ohio
     Before working with Lisbeth, Matt's teachers repeatedly recommended medication for his focus and attention issues.  Since working with her, his teachers have commented on his calm and grounded persona.  Lisbeth created a safe place....physically, emotionally and spiritually that facilitates healing to happen.  She does this in part by being non-judgmental and having a deep compassion for others.
     ~ A. Eulberg-Taylor, Matt's Mother, Reiki Master Teacher, and R.N. — Bexley, Ohio


     Images, releases,changes, openings.  As Lisbeth works, she is really doing CPR for the soul.  She helps transform you one layer at a time, lightening the load we have been carrying all this time.
     ~ G. Sky, Yoga Teacher
Bexley, Ohio

      By working with Lisbeth, I am able to sort out mind/body conundrums and create change for myself.  Lisbeth is very empowering, extremely skilled and intuitive in guiding me to come to my own conclusions and choose from my higher good for myself and others.  I have had chronic neck and shoulder stiffness causing headaches, neck aches and TMJ for over 30 years.  Working with Lisbeth's skills has helped me immeasurably.
     My eleven year old child has seen Lisbeth over the past year too.  She has A.D.D. and complains frequently of headaches.  The Craniosacral Therapy she receives calms her, and Lisbeth's special way of relating is positive and powerful to receive as well.  My daughter also works out some of her feelings about being a "tween" in her session, which helps her be more confident in her changing body.
     ~ R. Reeder, Systems & Programming Project Lead 
- Columbus, Ohio