Light Channeling Groups
Lisbeth facilitates regular Light channeling groups that meet in Columbus, Ohio and Yellow Springs, Ohio.  A group experience is a powerful way to reconnect to your higher self and experience the power of Divine Healing.

Tiger Baby

Tiger Baby

"These 'meditations' are actually opportunities to collectively experience the profound effects of Divine Light channeled through Lisbeth.  By simply sitting quietly and opening to the Light, participants receive its gifts."

     ~ Amy Achor, Artist - Yellow Springs, Ohio

The group process includes about 45 minutes of meditation during which everyone will be bathed and infused with the Healing Light.  About halfway through the meditation, a message channeled by Lisbeth from Divine Spirit will be shared with the group. At the end of the meditation, there is an optional sharing.  This is a time for people to briefly share their experience, clarify what shifted and emerged for them while being immersed in the Healing Light, and own the positive opening that occurred. For those wanting it, Lisbeth will support individuals in harvesting this creative emergence by channeling guidance for them from Divine Spirit. Again, both the sharing and the support from Lisbeth are optional.

In case allergies are a concern, please know that animals (cat and two dogs) are present for groups held in Columbus. 

Please contact Lisbeth if interested in learning more and receiving emails about upcoming groups.