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     My inability to achieve certain yoga postures led me to Lisbeth Johnson, in hopes of finding physical healing I had not achieved through traditional methods. Lisbeth's healing hands and words led me to much physical healing, but that became my smallest reward.  As my chronic pain and restricted movement disappeared or lessened, I also received healing and transformation on a spiritual/emotional and cellular level.  This work allowed me to let go of detrimental beliefs, attitudes and behavioral patterns.  I have ultimately been exposed to and influenced by my true inner voice and spirit or soul guidance.  My ongoing work with Lisbeth has literally changed my life.  I have become more creative and happy, with a sense of inner peace.  I feel more directed, and am a better parent and human being.
     In addition to private sessions, I attend a Healing Meditation Group facilitated by Lisbeth.  This has been a powerful experience.  Lisbeth's presence allows Light to be channeled into the group, which allows spiritual direction and connection to flow freely.  This process has allowed mental blocks or beliefs to dissipate, so that I can more freely "hear" or be guided to the path (or in the direction) I am being supported to take.  The meditation group has empowered me to make life decisions based on Love, kindness and Divinity, rather than fear, blame, resentment, selfishness or ego-power.  This has given true power to my "Inner Divine Being,"  changing my life amazingly.  I enthusiastically look forward to continuing this type of experience with Lisbeth.  I cannot express in words, my gratitude for the work this woman has done with me.  I feel my true self emerging and I love what I see!
     ~ J. Delph, Aspiring Writer, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner
Columbus, Ohio