Artemis & Lisbeth

Artemis & Lisbeth

Animal Reiki and Lisbeth’s Approach
Reiki is a holistic energy healing system, treating body, mind, soul and spirit.  It means universal life energy; “Rei” means spirit, and “ki’ means energy.   Reiki is characterized by a soothing, sweet energy that supports all aspects of healing.

Lisbeth’s healing approach includes animal communication.  Communication starts with Lisbeth tuning into whether the animal wants to engage in a Reiki treatment or not.  Other messages for the highest good of the animal come through in her meditative state and are shared with the owner if desired.  Changes can occur when an animal experiences being heard and respected by its owner in a new way.

During each session, the animal is infused with the healing power of the Reiki energy.  Sensing this healing energy, animals participate in the healing process by positioning themselves and behaving in ways that are most comfortable and advantageous to them.  For example, during a session animals might crawl into Lisbeth's lap and start licking or smelling her.  Alternatively, they might move to a far corner of the room, yawn, lie down and go to sleep.  Sometimes they will move back and forth varying their distance from Lisbeth.  An animal that is sick and hasn’t eaten for a while might surprisingly start eating.  Others seeking Reiki energy for specific issues might push body parts into her hands that need attention.  Whatever the unique and specific behavior happens to be, the animal is receiving healing energy and acting in ways that are conducive to its healing.

The Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee

Two Types of Sessions
In Person Sessions  –  Animals are more comfortable and open at home so Lisbeth will make house calls.  These in person visits can involve direct hands-on touch, applying Reiki energy from a distance, or moving back and forth between the two.  Energy is a language that animals understand so they decide what distance works best for them.

Distance Sessions  –  Reiki energy travels and knows no bounds.  Sessions are available and effective from a distance.  Typically, the owner and Lisbeth will have a phone conversation before the session to discuss the situation and then again afterwards to talk about the experience.

Note about Sessions:  A treatment for an animal that includes participation from the owner can be helpful.  Animals are natural empaths.  They pickup on the family’s emotional patterns and may exhibit behavioral issues and physical dis-ease from them.  Working with the energetic matrix of the family can bring healing to the animal and the entire family since the healing energy infuses everyone.

Fee Policy
Long Distance – The fee for long distance treatments is a dollar a minute.  Treatment times range from 30 minutes to an hour.

In Person  – The fee is a dollar a minute.  Treatment times range from 30 minutes to an hour.  If the session involves working with you and your animal together, or with multiple animals, sessions can be longer.  For travel time in the Columbus and surrounding areas, Lisbeth charges one dollar per mile to your house one way.  

Animal’s Choice  –  If the animal chooses not to receive the treatment, I will offer to come back another time, or see if the animal will accept a long distance treatment instead.   

Cancellations  –  Please give me 24-hour notice for any cancellation; otherwise you will be charged $40.